Monday, October 21, 2013

After probably about a year of going through what every aging MMO player goes through at some point in their life, the dreaded "What do I play now? What's everyone playing now?" I finally settled back into EVE after playing it around three years ago with a friend.

Back then, I had been a WoW player for over four years and was taking a brief break. I wanted to try something new. My friend introduced me into her corp and I was well received, but I couldn't for the life of me get into EVE the way I had gotten into WoW. And the tabs! My god the amount of tabs you had to navigate through were overwhelming.

"I issued you a contract, pick up your new ships!" My corpies would tell me. "Where the f--k is the contract button?" I would mutter to myself while wearily rubbing my eyes on the other side of the computer.

These were the times when the graphics were still primitive, space was just one giant black hole, and there were no captains quarters.

The corp back then was heavily into PvP, which at the beginning sounded awesome. I loved PvP. But it comes with a dire consequence in EVE, once your ship is gone, that thing is GONE. It was high stakes PVP. And the only thing I could really fly were frigates or destroyers, and I often found myself getting yelled at for not tackling something fast enough.

Needless to say I left only about a month after picking it up.

Time came and went, and I cycled through other games restlessly, desperately seeking that feeling that everyone has in their first MMO. I tried Guild Wars 2, Rift, LotRO and eventually went back to WoW.

FFXIV recently came out, and my cousin swore it would be "the new thing". It was awesome, don't get me wrong. Graphics were incredible, cut scenes and story line were great, customization was decent, and the class roles were versatile and challenging. But still, it wasn't enough to keep me logging in and paying that monthly subscription fee. 

I started talking to my friend again (we had been friends for years and years) about my MMO woes. She begged me to get back into EVE with her and her new corp. I groaned and moaned and made up every excuse in the book as to why I didn't want to play. She twisted my arm with a free 21 day game trial. 

So here I am! Just under a month in. I have some experience in the game, since I'd played long ago, but I still basically #havenoideawhatImdoing

Our corp is fantastic, and really, that's what gives this game its soul. The people and the community.  I noticed changes immediately. The graphics are awesome, from the detail of space station to the tunnel through which you travel in warp drive. The captains quarters is a really nice addition, giving your pilot a little something beneath just being a portrait. 

I've been having nothing but fun in our new corp. We are a factional warfare corp based out of Egghelende (sp?) and seem to fleet up just about every night. I love our usual leader, Almity. Everyone in the corp - In Exile - has been more than helpful. They all understand I'm new and that I'm basically just pointing what I can and hoping for the best. Major shout out to my bro Nordeast for putting me on a skill training path. Again, everyone has been really patient and helpful. This game is DEFINITELY an adjustment for anyone who came from more traditional MMOs like WoW. The learning curve is stupid deep.

Speaking of, that's always one thing I really admired about EVE. You can train your skills up even while you're offline. So there's none of that obnoxious "kill 10 spiders and return to me for another quest doing the same thing". 

So that's where I am now! About a month in and very much enjoying it so far. I still have so much to learn, so.. why don't you join me on this noobs journey!?

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  1. I've been there. At least you are in a corp and in FW which is quite dynamic. I wasted ages at the start pootling around on my own and then in my own small corp. Avoid the tendency to skill queue fixate and fly fast tackle. Feel the need for speed. Its fast to train and you can do the guns later. Think of losing fast tackle frigates as tank repair costs from about 5 years ago.

    Good luck. Looking forward to some more tales.